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Bible Studies/Bible Marking Classes

Jesus said, "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself."
(John 12:32 - NKJV)
Our weekly Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Our current study is titled, "If I Were Told The Future". This is a 102-lesson course helping you study Bible Prophecy n a systematic way. Lesson after lesson, the Bible, and the Bible only, will make you discover the many keys giving access to the secrets of Bible prophecy's wonderful world. 
We also praise God for the opportunity to offer the Lifting Up Jesus Bible Study to anyone who is interested. This series is authored by Karen Lewis, Bible Worker from the Rocky Mountain Conference. The study is designed to provide a closer look at Jesus and the Gospel. You will discover what the Bible says about why we need a Savior, why Jesus had to die, and how you can have a closer relationship with Him. These lessons also give our students a beginning understanding of Bible prophecy, along with lessons in health, conflict resolution, and other topics of importance to help you grow in your spiritual walk with Jesus. There are 30 lessons in this series, which are completed one per week as schedules allow.

Bible Marking Classes are also available. The idea of Bible Marking is to chain texts together for studying or teaching. A leader will meet with you and show you how this is done. This is a series of 32 lessons and covers topics like, who is Jesus, what must I do to be saved, the armor of God, personal peace, and many more. As you mark your Bible it will help you to learn what the Bible says about all the topics offered as well as provide a way that you can share God's word easily and comfortably with others.

The options offered here are designed to fit your needs. Bible Study # 1 is a group study held each Wednesday evening.  Bible Study #2 or the Bible Marking Classes are a more flexible, one on one study, with just you and a leader.  They can be be given in your home, at the Boone church, or anywhere else appropriate that fits your needs and schedule. We pray that you will find an option here that is just right for you and that through Bible study you will be drawn closer to Jesus.  

To request these studies or for more information, contact us at 515-432-3411. 

Thank you for stopping by and God bless you.


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